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Future Festival
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During COVID-19, learn to innovate through chaos, navigate the new normal and maintain work culture from home.
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Inc. Magazine Best Innovation Conference
Future Festival Innovation Conference


Learn Why Starbucks, Netflix, Samsung, NASA, Lego & Google rely on Future Festival...

40,000+ Virtually
OR 100-150 In-Person
Innovation &
Trend Keynotes
1:1 Meetings &
After Party &
Pro Platform
+ Takeaways
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche "The Roaring 20s are coming back, and this is going to be the greatest window of opportunity in your career. Take the next step by learning next year's trends from the #1 trend firm. Our Future Festival has been specifically designed to be the world's best innovation conference — a place for the world's top innovators to prototype their future... and so far, it's working! 97% rate our World Summit the best innovation conference they've attended. "
– Jeremy Gutsche, CEO & NY Times Bestselling Author
Why Attend?
Testimonials & Scenes From Our Epic Innovation Conference
Why You Should Bring Your Team
Sample Keynote: Create The Future (3,500,000 Views)
2022 Trend Report Sample (5 Minutes)


This is when consumer needs totally change. Knowing how to spot trends, action ideas, and change the way you work, will help you survive and thrive in the post-pandemic world.

97% of attendees rate it "the best innovation conference ever" .
20/20 of the “most admired brands” in the world rely on us to predict opportunity.
95% rated the “overall caliber” of attendees higher than other events.
INC calls it one of the best innovation conferences to inspire your team.

future festival attendee universal

"The best, most engaging and most relevant business event I have ever attended." Chief Strategy Officer & SVP of Marketing

future festival attendee

"Hands down, the best way to experience innovation and the future." Consumer Insight Specialist

future festival attendee honda

"The best event I've ever attended, and we go to motorcycle races." Head of Sensing and R&D

future festival attendee recommendation

"Future Festival is a concentrated dose of inspiration and insights. This event is a must-attend!" Associate Brand Manager

innovation conference attendee

"No service out there captures Consumer Behavior as well as Trend Hunter" Creative Development Manager, Ideation

future festival attendee chicago tribune

"Future Festival created opportunities for our team and expanded our people's thinking." CEO

future festival attendee aflac

"Undoubtedly the most meaningful conference I've ever attended." VP of Sales

future festival attendee budweiser

"Any senior executive would benefit hugely from taking a couple of days and attending Future Festival." Global VP of Innovation

What's different about our innovation conference?
For starters, pure ENERGY, optimism & excitement. But also:

Engaging Presentations
vs. Passively Listening
Post-Pandemic Opportunity
vs. Lessons Stuck in 2020
Fresh, Data-Driven Insights
vs. Outdated Material
Energetic & Actionable
vs. Random & Outdated
Workshops with Your Team
vs. Limited Takeaways
Downloadable Presentations
vs. Take-Your-Own Notes
Individual Assessments
vs. Generic Content
One-on-One Advisor Time
vs. Lack of Follow-Up
Trend Safaris
vs. Vendors

For context, we are the #1 trend firm with big data from 225,000,000 people

Trend Hunter Innovation Platform

Trends create empires, disrupt incumbants and reshape the world. You might not always have trends front-of-mind, but in periods of chaos, trends become a CEO-level problem and opportunity. We are here to help

Trend Hunter is the world's freshest, most data-driven consumer trend platform, with 3 billion views and insight derived from 225,000,000 visitors. We've created more than 10,000 custom trend reports for 900 firms, and we want to show you FRESH, data-driven insights about YOUR consumer.

We help 900+ brands make innovation happen

Ideas are critical, but half of the battle is about making innovation and change happen.

Our CEO, Jeremy Gutsche, is a New York Times Bestselling author who specializes in innovation and change. Back in 2008, his first book, Exploiting Chaos, became an award-winner, leading to work with brands, billionaires and CEOs. Today, our firm takes that work to the next level, with battle-tested methods, workshops and tools to help IGNITE CHANGE.

As we near the end of the pandemic, there's never been a better time to sharpen your innovation and change skills.

Relied on by 900+ brands, billionaires, CEOs & NASA
More than 10,000 innovation projects completed
New York Times Bestselling, Award-Winning Books

Day 1 Morning:
Megatrends, Chaos & The Roaring 20s

What does the post-pandemic world look like? Let’s chart it out, discover new opportunities and innovate forward.

The Roaring 20s are coming back
& 2022+ is YOUR window of opportunity

The renaissance period emerged from the bubonic plague. The roaring 20s were a product of the Spanish Flu. Consistently, throughout history, periods of crisis lead to periods of chaos and opportunity because people start making up for lost time, taking risks, trying new things. For you, this means that you could turn 2022 and beyond into the greatest career opportunity of your lifetime. In this year's Future Festival series, we will study 2022 trends and lessons from history to help you emerge through chaos.

Path Dependency
1. Path Dependency
Opportunity Crisis
2. Crisis
Opportunity Chaos
3. Chaos
12-18 Months
Opportunity Recharting
4. Recharting

10:00am Post-Pandemic Opportunity
12:00pm Innovating Through Chaos

Innovation Keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche

Get inspired about CHAOS & OPPORTUNITY with Jeremy Gutsche, one of the world’s top innovation keynote speakers & chaos experts, in a NEW keynote, diving into the history of how post-crisis opportunity works.

Our CEO, Jeremy Gutsche, is a New York Times bestselling author who has become an advisor to over 800 brands, billionaires, CEOs & NASA, particularly focused on innovating through times of change. As one of the world's top innovation keynote speakers, he'll kick-off the innovation event with unparalleled energy. Then he'll resturn for a lunchtime keynote about How to Create The Future.

"Gutsche is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet, well-regarded as the top trend-spotter in the world... the most energizing, inspiring & applicable... & I’ve heard Bill Clinton... Bill Gates... & Tony Robbins." - The Sun Newspaper

11:00am - The Post-Pandemic Megatrends, Based on Data

Megatrends Top Trends Keynote Speaker

Let our Chief Insight Officer, Armida Ascano, help you uncover the forces impacting your business in a post-COVID world.

Leveraging our big data from 150,000,000 people, we’ve built the most researched, most data-driven system for identifying opportunities. This unparalleled research led us to 6 Patterns of Opportunity and the 18 most important Megatrends shaping our future.

Using this framework, you’ll learn how to apply these Megatrends and patterns to any industry, and then more specifically how the resulting Megatrends conference content can be leveraged when you return home. For continuity, the rest of the innovation conference builds upon these frameworks, deep-diving into the top Megatrends throughout the rest of the day.

Day 1 Afternoon:
Category Deep Dives & Learning Groups (PRO+VIP)

Be ready to explore unimagined possibilities, prototype new ideas, go on a virtual trend safari, and be challenged with an experiential trend report. On this day, our PRO and VIP attendees will break into smaller groups to workshop, network and move closer to innovation.

Experience The Future, by Category

Innovation Conference Experiential Trend Reports

NOTE: Select from 10+ Experiential Trend Reports. The official reveal is coming soon. Below is a list from our last event.

The best way to learn about the latest trends is to experience them yourself. From healthcare to cannabis, we’ve sourced great virtual tours that will enlighten, educate, and wow, virtually.

Artificial Intelligence
Authentic CSR
Branded Engagement
Business & Technology
Business Evolution
Convenience Culture
Emerging Flavours
Experiential Tech
Experiential Wellness
Future of Dining
Future of Fashion
Future of Tech
Interactive Tech
Millennial Lifestyle
Office Culture in the New Normal
Social Media Evolution
Sustainable Retail
Touchless Retail
Youth Engagement

Day 2: The Future
(PRO + VIP):

What does the post-pandemic world look like? Let’s chart it out, discover new opportunities and innovate forward.

9:30am - 4:00pm - Futurist Keynotes

Global Megatrends in 2022 and Beyond
Global Megatrends in 2022 and Beyond

To be updated July 2021 - Join us for a deep dive into the 18 Megatrends Matrix, these are the trends that matter for 2021. In general, the trend landscape is confusing and messy, to make sense of it all, we’ve developed a novel proprietary sorting system, that identifies the most integral ideas. Once you know what’s making waves, your business has the insight to make connections and this is how innovation is born.

Micro-Generations and a World Post-COVID
Micro-Generations and a World Post-COVID

To be updated July 2021 - Let’s look back at world-transforming moments to better understand how different generations navigated and innovated through. For your business, this is an opportunity to get closer to your target audience. To consider what they may be experiencing and how you can be there for them in new and surprising ways.

Retail Innovation in 2022
Retail Innovation in 2022

To be updated July 2021 - Through the change, three retail-centric Megatrends emerged: Naturality, Authenticity, and Many-to-Many. Let’s examine and explore the shifts that happened in-store, online, and in omnichannel spaces. A time to reflect on what worked and where to next.

Consumer Behavior in a Post-COVID World
Consumer Behavior in a Post-COVID World

To be updated July 2021 - Even in the pandemic, businesses rose to the moment, listened to their customers, and flourished. Those that were quick to innovate were quick to win. Let’s take this moment to study the tactics for success in the new world, and how to find opportunities when you least expect them.

Marketing Tech and Innovation
Marketing Tech and Innovation

To be updated July 2021 - Chaos can be distracting. It can take us away from the fundamentals of marketing and innovation. The best organizations know how to manage the chaos without losing their purpose.

The Future of Entertainment in 2022-2025
The Future of Entertainment in 2022-2025

In this session, we’ll unpack the new way consumers break up their days. We’ll explore the new rules of leisure, unexplored avenues, and exciting adaptations for your business.

The Super Future in 2027
The Super Future in 2027

To be updated July 2021 - Prepare for the next 5-10 years. Get to know: HYBRIDIZATION—The lines that separate different industries are blurring. You can now compete in any market. INSTANT ENTREPRENEURSHIP—It has never been easier to instantly become an entrepreneur, launching new products in almost any type of market. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE—The pace of human progress will dramatically accel- erate with machines that think like humans but with near-infinite speed and data.

Keynote Speakers & Futurists

Jeremy Gutsche Innovation Speaker
Jeremy Gutsche
Bestselling Author & CEO of Trend Hunter
Innovating in Chaos, Crisis and Recession
Armida Ascano Innovation Speaker
Armida Ascano
Chief Insight Officer
Generations: The Evolution of Millenials, Boomers, X’s & Z’s
Jaime Neely Innovation Speaker
Jaime Neely
Chief Culture Officer
Work: Experience, Excellence & Engagement
Courtney Scharf Innovation Speaker
Courtney Scharf
Chief Client Officer
Play: Future of Leisure, Nightlife and Entertainment
Jonathon Brown Innovation Speaker
Jonathon Brown
Chief Growth Officer
Tactics: Innovation Tactics, Frameworks, & Best Practices
Gil Haddi Innovation Speaker
Gil Haddi
SVP Client Success
Marketing: Hyperconnectivity, & Becoming Consumer
Ady Floyd Innovation Speaker
Ady Floyd
VP Client Success
Shop: Retail Innovation, Omnichannel & Marketing
Mary Van Puymbroeck Innovation Speaker
Mary Van Puymbroeck
Senior Research Manager
Back to Basics of Consumer Behaviour
Taryn Boyd Innovation Speaker
Taryn Boyd
Senior Manager, Research and Clients
New Wave Social Media

Previous Speakers & Surprise Guests

Stephanie Mehta Innovation Speaker
Stephanie Mehta
Nick Thompson Innovation Speaker
Nick Thompson
Malcolm Gladwell Innovation Speaker
Malcolm Gladwell
Deborah Amato Innovation Speaker
Deborah Amato
Deputy Chief Technologist
Tony Hunter Innovation Speaker
Tony Hunter
Jodi Goldstein Innovation Speaker
Jodi Goldstein
Executive Director, Innovation Lab
Bill Hayden Innovation Speaker
Bill Hayden
Chief Strategy Officer
Francis Pierrel Innovation Speaker
Francis Pierrel
Sarah Beachler Innovation Speaker
Sarah Beachler
Chief Strategy Officer
Betsy Armentrout Innovation Speaker
Betsy Armentrout
Strategy Director, Emerging Brands

Follow Along With The 100+ Page Future Festival Book + Learning Materials

innovation conference curriculum insights

Maximize your Virtual Summit Experience with the Future Book and Trend Report.

• Takeaways Notes and Frameworks
• Key Insights from Each Speaker
• The Must-Know Top 20 Trends in 2022
• The 2022 Megatrends Framework
• Workshop Exercises and Homework Questions
• Details for Trend Safaris

Continue Your Learning With Our PRO Tools, Insights, Reports & eLearning

innovation conference learning materials

3 months of essential learning content

Learn to filter out the noise and identify relevant opportunities even in times of widespread change and disruption.

2022 Trend Report Library
2022 Trend Report Library
PRO Dashboard Subscription
PRO Dashboard Subscription
Trend Hunter eLearning Subscription
Trend Hunter eLearning Subscription
100+ Page Presentation Deck
100+ Page Presentation Deck

Day 3 (VIP):
Opportunity Hunting Masterclass
with Jeremy Gutsche

You’re inspired. You’re ready to act. Now it’s time to turn inspiration into action. Use day three, a morning event, to pressure test and plan actual scenarios and steps for your year ahead. You'll learn some of the lessons and best practices Jeremy Gutsche has learned in his work with 600 brands, billionaires and CEOs who often hired him during their times of chaos and rapid change.

Opportunity Hunting Masterclass

private webinars and workshops

After two full days of inspiring new ideas, insights and frameworks, you will want to take some time to think about the best ideas for you and your brand.

Learn the techniques Jeremy has used with over 700 brands, billionaires, CEOs and NASA. Learn:
• How to Filter Opportunity in Times of Chaos
• How to Find Overlooked Ideas Using Patterns & Megatrends

PRO Tip: Half of Attendees Bring Their Team

Many of the activities are designed for teams, leading you to specific outputs for your own brand. Don't worry, you will still get a chance to network with other people... but for the workshop, it's better to have a team. These clients send groups of 6 or more: Starbucks, Disney, Visa, The US Air Force, Adidas, Domino's, Aflac, Staples, Netflix, Microsoft, Hasbro, Red Bull, Universal, Target, Pepsi, VW, Walmart, Bayer, Honda

VIP Option - Get a Custom Trend Report on your favorite topic

innovation conference curriculum insights

Our business model is curating custom trend reports for 700 of the world's leading brands. During COVID alone, we completed more than 2,000 custom reports for aggressive brands looking to win in 2022 and beyond. Sample our work and increase your ability to win with fresh, data driven insight.

“The custom reports really speak out to us. There is a lot of information out there, but filtering is really difficult. What makes the difference is having somebody who begins to understand what we are doing, who can really help with that curation... a great resource." - Creative Director, Adidas

"No service out there captures Consumer Behavior as well as Trend Hunter" – Creative Development Manager, Ideation, Disney

SVIP Option - Get our Premium 5 Year Strategic Planning Report + VIP tickets for up to 6

innovation conference curriculum insights

The 5 Year Trend Reports are premium well-researched guides written by Trend Hunter Futurists who specialize in innovation and change. Each report covers the macro forces and trends that will play out in the next five years.

Unlike our traditional custom trend reports, this report takes a longer term view beyond the consumer trends, looking at the macro forces which have the potential to dramatically impact your company. The 5 Year Trend Report has been created to plug and play into your strategic and business planning. When you know what’s coming, you can direct your organization to opportunities sooner.

Day 1 - Tuesday, Sept 21st
  • 9:30 AM EDT
    Welcome Reception
  • 10:00 AM EDT
    INNOVATION: The Roaring 20s & Opportunity in Times of Chaos
  • 11:00 AM EDT
    MEGATRENDS: Top 18 Countdown for 2022
  • 11:40 AM EDT
    ADAPTING: Innovators in Business
  • 12:10 PM EDT
    LUNCH KEYNOTE: Create The Future
  • 1:00 PM EDT
    Choose Your Experiential Trend Report Session & Included Report:

  • 3:30 PM EDT
    Wrap Up
Day 2 - Wednesday, Sept 22nd
  • 9:30 AM EDT
    Welcome Reception
  • 10:00 AM EDT
    CONSUMER: Generational Evolution in Chaos
  • 11:00 AM EDT
    MEDIA: New Wave Social Media
  • 11:30 AM EDT
    EXPERIENCE: Experiential Economy 2.0
  • 12:00 PM EDT
    LUNCH KEYNOTE: Better and Faster Keynote
  • 1:00 PM EDT
    WORK CULTURE: Reinventing Employeecentricity
  • 1:30 PM EDT
    MARKETING: The Era of Empowerment
  • 2:00 PM EDT
    SHOPPING: Reinventing Retail
  • 2:30 PM EDT
    Q&A + Break
  • 3:00 PM EDT
    SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Creating a Future
  • 3:30 PM EDT
    AI & TECH: The Super Future
  • 4:00 PM EDT
    Wrap Up
Day 3 - Thursday, Sept 23rd
  • 9:30 AM EDT
    Welcome Reception
  • 10:00 AM EDT
    HISTORY: The Roaring 20s & Opportunities in Chaos
  • 10:20 AM EDT
    WORKSHOP: Patterns of Opportunity Workshop
  • 11:20 AM EDT
    IDEAS: Redefining Ideas in Times of Change
  • 11:40 AM EDT
    TACTICS: Developing Next Steps
  • 12:00 PM EDT
    Wrap Up

STEP 1 - Choose Your Event

Early-Bird Pricing for Virtual Summit - Sep 21-23

DAY 1 Morning Keynotes
Learn About The Roaring 20s, Innovation Tactics & Megatrends in 2022
Get The Full 2022 Trend Report V2
DAY 1 Afternoon: 2022 Deep Dives by Category
Explore the Category of Your Choice, in a Learning Group of ~20
Get Inspired by a Category Trend Report, Experience & Networking Discussion
DAY 2: Futurist Keynotes
In a Day of Trends and Opportunities, Learn The Future of The Consumer, Culture, Media, Retail, Marketing, Entertainment, Sustainability & Tech
Follow Along With a 100+-Page Event Workbook
DAY 3: Innovation Workshop w/ Your Team
Identify 2022 Opportunities in a Special Workshop with Jeremy Gutsche
Learn Our Frameworks for Filtering Chaos Into Oppornity
PRO Extras
What I Learned at Future Festival PPT - 220 Pages
3 Month Trial of Trend Hunter PRO + eLearning
VIP Extras - Get a Custom Trend Report
Bonus Custom Trend Report or Team Innovation Assessment Overview
(worth $2,000 - limit 1 per brand)
1:1 Team Meeting or Call with an Advisor
SVIP Extras - Get a Private Webinar
1 Hour Private Webinar for Your Full Team (Excludes Jeremy Gutsche)
Up to 6 VIP Tickets for Your Team
Get a FREE Ticket to a 1-Day event in 2021/22. Locations so far:
NYC (2 dates), Chicago (2 dates), LA, Minneapolis, Atlanta


FREE IN-PERSON TICKETS - Purchase a PRO/VIP World Summit ticket and receive 1 FREE ticket to any current in-person 1-Day events (7 events to choose from, in 2021 or 2022!)
TRANSFER YOUR TICKET – Ticket sales are final, however, if you notify us by email at least 1 week advance, tickets are transferable to other coworkers or events within 1 year.
GET AN INCLUDED CUSTOM REPORT - Custom reports with the purchase of a VIP ticket are limited to a maximum of 1 report per brand and 1 report per purchase. Bonus Custom Reports must be requested between now and 45 days after the event.
SMALL, INTIMATE GATHERINGS – Our in-person 1-Day events are generally 50-100 person events (ie. small intimate gatherings) held in movie theaters. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available on-site and our presenters are vaccinated. We are monitoring the state of the pandemic and will be respecting restrictions in the cities where Future Festival is hosted.
IF WE RESCHEDULE, YOU CAN RESCHEDULE OR TRANSFER - If your event gets rescheduled to a future date, you will have a choice between the following options: 1. Transfer your ticket to the newly scheduled date. 2. Transfer your ticket to any other 1-Day event within a 1-year period. 3. Gain access to our Future Festival Virtual event option plus 3 months of access to Trend Hunter’s eLearning Platform.
IF WE CANCEL, YOU CAN RESCHEDULE OR GET A REFUND - If your event is canceled with no future scheduled date, you will be entitled to the alternate ticket options in our rescheduling policy, or a full refund.
NO VENDORS - Please note that our paid portion of the event is structured to be for clients and brands, and is specifically a vendor free environment. Accordingly, tickets purchased by vendors and competitors will be refunded. However, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner, please contact us.
NOTE: All prices are in USD.


Future Festival Sponsor Tourism Toronto
Future Festival Sponsor HeroX
Future Festival Sponsor Givaudan
Future Festival Sponsor Mediafly
Future Festival Sponsor SAP


Who attends Future Festival Virtual?

Future Festival Virtual was designed for industry leaders who are ready to break through chaos, to own 2021. Content is aimed at Managers, Directors, VPs, and C-Level execs from all industries.

What are the dates?

September 21-23, 2021

Day 1: The World In 2022
Day 2: Category Deep Dives and Learning Groups
Day 3: Opportunity Hunting Masterclass with Jeremy Gutsche

What technology do I need?

All content will be streamed live via YouTube and Zoom.

What to expect at Future Festival Virtual?

Day 1
The Trend Hunter Futurists ready you for change with a full day of exhilarating keynotes.

Day 2 PRO & VIP
It’s all about your business as we break off into smaller, more immersive learning groups. Work alongside your global peers in an inspiring and challenging session led by one of Trend Hunter’s Futurists. Be ready to explore unimagined possibilities, prototype new ideas, go on a virtual trend safari, and be challenged with an experiential trend report.

To keep innovation in the works, get the 5 Year Trend Report and group ticket discounts.

Why should I bring my team?

Because innovative thinking is better shared. At Future Festival Virtual, you will be excited by trends and undiscovered opportunities. These are best shared with your group.

Right now you can get great deals on tickets. Quantities are limited. Buy now!

Who is speaking at Future Festival Virtual?
Can I Transfer my Ticket to Another Person?

Yes, tickets can be transferred to a colleague. Message a week before to make the change.