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Future Festival
World Summit
Learn why 97% of people rate it "the best innovation conference ever".
1-Day Innovation Events
Explore our 2019 tour dates and find the best city to inspire your team.
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Bring Future Festival to your team or event with our custom programming.
Search our database of over 390,000 cutting edge ideas.


Join Starbucks, Netflix, Samsung, Red Bull, Lego & Google to experience the future.
97% of people rate it "the best innovation conference ever"
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Trend Hunter's Future Festival is specifically designed to be the world's best innovation conference — a place for the world's top innovators to prototype their future. 97% rate it the best innovation conference ever with a stunning 85% rating it the best business event in all categories. You'll experience next year's trends from the #1 trend firm, while prototyping 5 - 10 disruptive ideas using the same award-winning innovation workshops we've used to help NASA prototype the journey to Mars."
– Jeremy Gutsche, CEO & NY Times Bestselling Author
Download a Brochure Buy Tickets
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Insight Conference
Insight Conference Future Festival Innovation Conference
Better and Faster Innovation Keynote Video Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
Trend-Driven Innovation Conference Our Megatrend Innovation Framework
Experiential Insight Conference Trend Safaris
& Toronto Culture
future festival attendee universal "The best, most engaging and most relevant business event I have ever attended." – Chief Strategy Officer & SVP of Marketing
future festival attendee honda "The best event I've ever attended, and we go to motorcycle races." – Head of Sensing and R&D
future festival attendee recommendation "Future Festival is a concentrated dose of inspiration and insights. This event is a must-attend!" – Associate Brand Manager
innovation conference attendee "No service out there captures Consumer Behavior as well as Trend Hunter" – Creative Development Manager, Ideation
future festival attendee paramount "An incredible experience that left me fueled and supported with new tools." – Creative and Business Development
future festival attendee chicago tribune "Future Festival created opportunities for our team and expanded our people's thinking." – CEO
future festival attendee aflac "Undoubtedly the most meaningful conference I've ever attended." – VP of Sales
future festival attendee budweiser "Any senior executive would benefit hugely from taking a couple of days and attending Future Festival." – Global VP of Innovation
Why Attend?

97% rate it higher than any other innovation conference

95% rated the "overall caliber" of attendees higher than other events

85% rate it the best business event they've ever attended

INC calls it one of the best innovation conferences to inspire your team

... and the last 3 World Summits were 100% sold out. Here's why:

For context, Trend Hunter is the #1 trend firm & this is our BEST innovation conference

Best Trend Research Company
We accelerate innovation for 750 brands, billionaires, CEOs & NASA
#1 Most Popular Trend Site = 3 billion pageviews & BIG DATA from 150,000,000 people
We've hosted 26+ epic innovation conferences + spoken at over 700 innovation events
Founded by NY Times Bestseller Jeremy Gutsche, a top innovation keynote speaker

Our Innovation Keynote Speakers Our Trend Research

Unlike other innovation conferences, the Festival is a highly choreographed immersion

insight conference safari leaders


Innovation Conference Brochure

Learn 100+ data-driven insights & innovation frameworks
Jeremy Gutsche Future Festival Speaker
Jeremy Gutsche
CEO & Keynote Speaker
NY Times Bestseller Innovation & Megatrends
Armida Ascano Future Festival Speaker
Armida Ascano
Chief Insights Officer
Generations: The Evolution of Millennials, Boomers, Xs & Zs
Jaime Neely Future Festival Speaker
Jaime Neely
Chief Culture Officer
Work: Experience, Excellence & Engagement
Courtney Scharf Future Festival Speaker
Courtney Scharf
SVP of Research Services
Play: Future of Leisure, Nightlife and Entertainment
Shelby Walsh Future Festival Speaker
Shelby Walsh
Life: Lifestyle Trends, Wellness & The Future Family
Jonathon Brown Future Festival Speaker
Jonathon Brown
Chief Growth Officer
Tactics: Innovation Tactics, Frameworks & Best Practices
Gil Haddi Future Festival Speaker
Gil Haddi
VP of Client Success
Marketing: Hyperconnectivity & Becoming Consumer-Centric
Ady Floyd Future Festival Speaker
Ady Floyd
Senior Research Manager
Shop: Retail Innovation, Omnichannel & Marketing
Futurism & Innovation Panelists
Sarah Beachler Future Festival Speaker
Sarah Beachler
Head of Global Consumer Insights (Home Hardware, Retail, & Gaming)
Jen Walker Future Festival Speaker
Jen Walker
Trends, Visual and Social Content Studio Creative Director
Jennifer Rother Future Festival Speaker
Jennifer Rother
VP of Business Strategy and Integration
Betsy Armentrout Future Festival Speaker
Betsy Armentrout
Director - Marketing Strategy
Al Thomas Future Festival Speaker
Al Thomas
Head of Advanced R&D and Product Innovation
Candy Bernhardt Future Festival Speaker
Candy Bernhardt
UX Director, Reward Style (Formerly Spotify, Capital One, Intuit and Travelocity)
Eric Spenske Future Festival Speaker
Eric Spenske
Vice President of Marketing
Previous Speakers & Surprise Guests
Malcolm Gladwell Future Festival Speaker
Malcolm Gladwell
Senior Research Manager
Deborah Amato Future Festival Speaker
Deborah Amato
Senior Research Manager
Tony Hunter Future Festival Speaker
Tony Hunter
CEO (former)
Bill Hayden Future Festival Speaker
Bill Hayden
CSO and SVP Global Brand Management
Jodi Goldstein Future Festival Speaker
Jodi Goldstein
Executive Director
Francis Pierrel Future Festival Speaker
Francis Pierrel
President & CEO
Nicholas Thompson Future Festival Speaker
Nicholas Thompson
Editor in Chief
Speakers Videos & Content Samples
Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
Keynote Speakers Trend Hunter
Schedule for World Summit 2019

Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay Four
Day One
Tuesday October 1
Innovation & Safaris
Networking Breakfast
Opening Keynote by Jeremy Gutsche
Panel Discussion: Futurism
Future-Proofing Work Culture
Experiential Trend Safaris
Future Party
Tech Demos
Immersive Experiences
Open Bar
Day Two
Wednesday October 2
Trends & Innovation
Networking Breakfast
Forecasting Micro-Generational Desire
Rewriting the Rules of Retail
Cracking the Leisure Code
Panel Discussion: Making Innovation Happen
Unpacking Consumer Behaviour
Marketing in the Crisis of Authenticity
Innovating Through Ritual
The Super Future
@ Love Child
After Party with Networking, Apps & Open Bar
Day Three
Thursday October 3
Workshop Day
Networking Breakfast
1:1 Meetings
How to Disrupt
How to Prototype
How to Persuade
How to Build a Culture of Innovation
Workshops Continued
1:1 Meetings
Day Four
Friday October 4 - 6
Optional Weekend
Self-Guided Tours
100+ Innovative Locations Curated by Trend Hunter, including: The (Unofficial) Harry Potter Bar, Paint Lounge (with Wine), Ripley's Aquarium, Foodie Tours, and More.
Sunset To Sunrise
Nuit Blanche, a 1,000,000+ Person All-Night Art Festival With Building-Sized Art, Technology and Entertainment
Day 1
7:00 AM Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM Opening Keynote by Jeremy Gutsche
Get an exclusive first look at New York Times bestselling author Jeremy Gutsche’s upcoming book duo, Create the Future and How to Innovate.
10:20 AM Networking & Break
11:00 AM Panel Discussion: Futurism
11:20 AM Future-Proofing Work Culture
Deep-dive the new definition of work/life balance using statistics from Trend Hunter’s Innovation Assessment. What does today’s consumer – perhaps even your own employees – consider a good corporate culture?
11:50 AM Networking Lunch
1:00 PM Experiential Trend Safaris
5:00 PM Future Party & Tech Demos
80+ of the World's leading technologies and immersive experiences paired with open bars and passed apps
Day 2
7:30 AM Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM Introduction
8:50 AM Forecasting Micro-Generational Desire
Generational thinking gets an update through a new approach to segmentation. Deep-dive the Micro-Generations to uncover the answer to what today’s consumer truly desires and why.
9:50 AM Networking & Break
10:30 AM Rewriting the Rules of Retail
Inspect the motivations behind consumers’ purchasing behaviors and what it means to offer a purposeful retail experience. What can you do to become more customer-centric?
11:00 AM Cracking the Leisure Code
To learn what consumers really want, look no further than what they do in their free time. Find out what motivates consumer leisure choices and what they mean for your business.
11:30 AM Panel Discussion: Making Innovation Happen
12:00 PM Networking Lunch
1:10 PM Unpacking Consumer Behaviour
Learn how opposing trends are competing to shape consumer psychology and behaviour. How is your brand plugging into major cultural shifts?
2:10 PM Marketing in the Crisis of Authenticity
Explore how marketing has changed to reach an age where traditional tactics no longer exist. What is the best way to capture the attention of a consumer who craves authenticity?
2:40 PM Innovating Through Ritual
Explore case studies of how the most innovative people productionize out-of-the-box thinking within their teams. Are our imagined orders helping or hurting innovation? How can you create new ones?
3:10 PM Networking & Break
3:50 PM The Super Future
Jeremy Gutsche paints a picture of what the world could become in the more distant future. Drawing on Trend Hunter’s insights, he outlines opportunities that could be leveraged for the better of society, our pursuits and the planet.
4:20 PM Wine & Cheese + 1:1 Meetings
5:00 PM Networking & After Party
Day 3
8:00 AM Networking Breakfast and 1:1 Meetings
10:00 AM Workshops
Attendees’ choice of How to Disrupt, How to Prototype, How to Persuade or How to Build a Culture of Innovation.
12:00 PM Networking Lunch
1:00 PM Workshops Continued
2:30 PM Networking and 1:1 Meetings

You'll join the world's top innovators (no vendors) to experience the future before it happens

insight conference networking

Insight Conference Innovation Brands

8:30am - KICKOFF KEYNOTE (or SECRET event for returning guests)
Kick off with Jeremy Gutsche, one of the world's top innovation keynote speakers

Innovation Keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche

Our CEO, Jeremy Gutsche, is a New York Times bestselling author who has become an advisor to over 600 brands, billionaires, CEOs & NASA. As one of the world's top innovation keynote speakers, he'll kick-off the innovation event with unparalleled energy.

Learn how to innovate through chaos, uncertainty and periods of rapid change. By the end of this decade, only 40% of the Fortune 500 will still exist in a meaningful way. Jeremy dissects 'why' to give you a series of methods you can use to make change happen, setting the innovation conference mindset. In TWO keynotes, he will reveal learnings from his NEXT book and The Super Future. Repeatable innovation tactics, frameworks & workshop frameworks that will make you a higher performance innovator.

Jeremy's Innovation Keynote Speaker Website

2pm - 5pm - SAFARIS
Choose from 30+ trend safaris, taking the experience from innovation conference to futuristic immersion

Innovation Conference Trend Conference Safaris
Innovation Conference Trend Conference Safaris

Network over experiential cocktails, robotics, AR, VR, drones, holograph machines, AI and nanotech at our Future Party

Innovation Keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche

The first night of our innovation experience kickstarts creative thinking by immersing attendees into the World’s Most Innovative Technologies. The Future Party represents the diverse industries that attend Future Festival which includes technology and immersive experiences that are relevant to all attendees. Experience the future by getting hands-on with state-of-the-art experiences, such as:

• VR, AR, Mixed Reality and Holographic Activations
• Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots that connect you to your consumer
• Exploratory cocktails, Flavor Experimentation and Culinary Innovation
• Drones, Robotics, Wearable Tech and Humanoid Connectivity
• Retail Innovation and Marketing Applications
• Lifestyle and Connected Home Technology
• Brand-Inspired Speakeasies with Experiential New World Cocktails
• Big Data Visualization and Trend Hunter's Methodologies


Learn how to leverage the 18 most important megatrends shaping our world

Megatrends Top Trends Keynote Speaker

Leveraging our big data from 150,000,000 people, we've built the most researched, most data-driven system for identifying opportunities. This unparalleled research led us to 6 patterns of opportunity and the 18 most important mega trends shaping our future.

In a series of our best innovation keynotes, our team will explore the future trends in Retail, Life, Work, Leisure and Marketing using this framework You'll learn how to apply these megatrends and patterns to any industry, and then more specifically how the resulting mega trends conference content can be leveraged when you return home. For continuity, the rest of the innovation conference builds upon these frameworks, deep diving into the top megatrends throughout the rest of the day.

Learn All Categories of The Future While Following along with our 200-page Future Book

innovation conference curriculum insights

You'll love our 2019 Future Festival book because it includes all sorts of takeaways to maximize your experience and allow you to focus on your ideas, not taking notes:

Future Book Highlights
• Takeaways Notes, Frameworks and Key Insights from Each Speaker
• The Must-Know Top 20 Trends in 2020
• The 2020 Megatrends Framework
• Workshop Exercises and Homework Questions
• Details for Trend Safaris & Future Party Technologies
• Our Curation of 100 Must-See Experiences
• Download details for the Future Festival App & Powerpoints


Trend Hunter's tried-and-tested workshops are designed to get you thinking like an innovator.

innovation workshops

Select from one of four options and develop 5-10 disruptive ideas while mastering our reusable frameworks.

How to Disrupt
Our original Future Festival workshop, based on the same methodology we've used to help NASA prototype the Journey to Mars. Last year, 87% of participants left with 10+ actionable new ideas.

How to Prototype
This is the workshop for anyone wondering: "what now?" We'll outline the key steps to turning trends and ideas into action.

How to Persuade
Great ideas are only the first step; the second is winning buy-in from your team. In this workshop, we highlight replicable tactics to help you perfect your pitch and negotiate a win.

How to Build a Culture of Innovation
Our highly requested Assessment Workshop has helped everyone from Wal-Mart to Universal Studios bolster their corporate culture and maximize their team's strengths.

Catch an early flight home OR join us for a couple more trend safaris of your choosing

Innovation Conference Safaris

"I invite you to come with your team. I wish I'd asked more people to join me. If you experience [Future Festival] as a group, you can create a culture around it and that culture can be contagious around the whole company." - CEO, Club Monaco

"Thoroughly engaging, thought provoking, game-changing!" – CEO, Strategic Objectives

"Definitely worth the 6,824 miles of travel." – Product Development Dir, Mamas and Papas

Optionally, stay to experience 100+ innovations & a 1,000,000 person all-night modern art party

Innovation Conference Safaris

TORONTO - Stay the weekend to enjoy Nuit Blanche, a 1,000,000 person all-night art festival where our epic metropolis is transformed by modern artists. PLUS, our Trend Hunter team curates a list of 100+ unique self-guided experiences in categories like retail innovation, technology, sports, flavor and fashion. This experience will reinforce the innovation conference concepts.


Supercharge your leadership development with 7-10 pages of personalized recommendations

Innovation Assessment
Get a personalized innovation experience with 5-10 pages of custom insight about your innovation archetype, how you innovate, your strengths and your blindspots. The innovation conference keynotes will dive deeper into what this means, but you'll leave the conference with personalized insight and if you bring a team to the event, you can get an organizational assessment to compare your team's behaviours and composition to the world's top innovators. The end result is to make this more than just a conference on innovation, but rather a training program with a remarkable level of personalization.

Dive into your innovation assessment or a topic of your choosing with a Trend Hunter Advisor

Trend Reports Custom Research and Consumer Insights
Before and after the conference, PRO and VIP ticket holders will have the opportunity to meet with one of our innovation experts one-on-one. They can walk you through your individual or team innovation assessment, help you problem-solve using Trend Hunter frameworks, or steer you towards inspiration for your next big project.

Return home with actionable takeaways and $4k in tools, research and presentation materials

innovation conference learning materials
innovation conference takeaways
Summer Special - Buy One Get One Free
Pricing for Toronto - Oct 1-3
Act Soon - Tickets Sell Out
Included Extras
200 Page Powerpoint Highlights
140-Page Future Book & Megatrend Framework
Better & Faster Signed Book
Keynotes, Parties, Breakfasts, Lunches, Drinks & Snacks
2020 Trend Report (Worth $1,500)
PRO Extras
1 Year of Trend Hunter PRO Content (Worth $2,388)
1:1 Meeting or Call with an Advisor
Team Innovation Assessment Overview
1 Year of Trend Hunter Learning Platform
VIP Extras
Bonus Custom Trend Report (Worth $2000)*
VIP Lunch with Jeremy Gutsche
Express Entry & VIP Lounge
VIP Cocktail Reception & VIP Tables at After-Party
Dedicated Concierge for Personalized Recommendations
VVIP Extras
Bring Your Favorite Presentation Home - Experience Includes
In-Office Keynote or Workshop (USA/Canada, Not Jeremy)
Buy One Get One Free
Buy One Get One Free
Buy One Get One Free
Save 25%
Advisory Client Discount
Check if You're a Client HERE
Save 55%
Save 47%
Save 33%
Buy One Get One Free
Buy One Get One Free
Ideally, Bring a Team of 6+
Private Table at the Workshop
(Develop Ideas Specific to Your Brand)
All Tickets Upgraded to PRO
1 Ticket Upgraded to VIP
(Includes 1 Custom Trend Report)
Create a Culture of Innovation!
Save 25%+
Team Ticket Active
Perks for Teams 6+
Join Starbucks, Netflix, Red Bull, Adidas & Visa, who send teams:
Create a Culture of Innovation & Bond
Focus the Workshops on 5-10 Ideas for Your Brand
All Tickets Upgraded to PRO = Equivalent to 25% Off
1 Ticket Upgraded to VIP = $800 Value
Get a Team Assessment & 1:1 Advisor Meeting
VIP Teams & Partnerships
Be Featured as a VIP Supporter, Sponsor or Partner
All Tickets Upgraded to VIP
Includes all VIP Extras
+$500 per person

NOTES: All ticket sales are final. However, if you notify us by email at least 1 week advance, tickets are transferable to other coworkers or events within 1 year.
*Custom reports with the purchase of a VIP ticket are limited to a maximum of 2 reports per brand. Bonus Custom Reports must be requested between now and 45 days after the event. Conference details are subject to change.
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