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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Future Festival?
Future Festival is a 1 Day* Trends & Innovation Program that will train your team in the must-know consumer insights, trends and innovations surrounding your industry. Engaging, content-rich presentations will leave you buzzing, and networking opportunities with top innovators will leave you inspired.
* Future Festival Toronto is a 3 Day Event
Who attends Future Festival?
Future Festival was designed for innovators who are looking to stay on top of need to know trends in a fun, engaging environment surrounded by like minded disruptors. Since Future Festival’s content is designed to be industry spanning - Managers, Directors, VPs and C-Level execs from all over attend to help better prep and plan for their upcoming year.
Where are the dates and locations?
Why Should I Bring a Team?
Many brands choose to bring a team to Future Festival to ensure everyone is exposed to the same insights, trends and content. This makes implementing your new ideas even easier when you get back to the office, and makes sure that your entire team is inspired to push harder and act faster for the following year. Plus, you get many more benefits for bringing a team, including all tickets upgraded to PRO level and one free upgrade to a VIP ticket!

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Who is Speaking at Future Festival?
The Trend Hunter speakers have spent years immersed in trends and following consumer behavior. Learn more about who they are below:
Jeremy Gutsche Future Festival Speaker
Jeremy Gutsche
CEO & Keynote Speaker
NY Times Bestseller Innovation & Megatrends
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Armida Ascano Future Festival Speaker
Armida Ascano
Chief Insights Officer
Generations: The Evolution of Millennials, Boomers, Xs & Zs
View Bio
Jaime Neely Future Festival Speaker
Jaime Neely
Chief Culture Officer
Work: Experience, Excellence & Engagement
View Bio
Courtney Scharf Future Festival Speaker
Courtney Scharf
SVP of Research Services
Play: Future of Leisure, Nightlife and Entertainment
View Bio
Shelby Walsh Future Festival Speaker
Shelby Walsh
Life: Lifestyle Trends, Wellness & The Future Family
View Bio
Jonathon Brown Future Festival Speaker
Jonathon Brown
Chief Growth Officer
Tactics: Innovation Tactics, Frameworks & Best Practices
View Bio
Gil Haddi Future Festival Speaker
Gil Haddi
VP of Client Success
Marketing: Hyperconnectivity & Becoming Consumer-Centric
View Bio
Ady Floyd Future Festival Speaker
Ady Floyd
Senior Research Manager
Shop: Retail Innovation, Omnichannel & Marketing
View Bio
Future Book Future Festival Speaker
Future Book
150 Pages of Insights, Notes & Next Steps
What can I Expect During the Conference?
During Future Festival, you can expect a full day of immersive, engaging presentations. These are designed to have you look outside of your industry in order to unlock your creativity, and to help you find your specific areas of missed opportunity. You’ll interact with 100+ like-minded innovators, and experience some of the most interesting, unique technologies from the local area.
Can I Transfer my Ticket to Another Person?
Yes, tickets can be transferred to a colleague.

Just message futurefestival@trendhunter.com a week before the conference and we can make the change.
What are the 1:1 Meetings?
Extend the impact of Future Festival with a Trend Hunter visit to your office the day following the event.
What is the dress code?
Business casual - but please feel free to highlight your own sense of style!
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Frequently Asked Questions