Our Inspiring San Francisco
Innovation Conference

On March 14th, join the top innovators in San Francisco to explore future trends & prepare for the years ahead.
97% rate it higher than any other innovation conference.
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Our San Francisco Trends Conference offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore the future of business innovation with the expertise of the world’s #1 trend firm. Over the course of our expertly curated one-day event, you will explore future trends, find overlooked opportunities, and learn how to prepare for the years ahead. Can’t wait to see you there!” – Jeremy Gutsche, CEO & NY Times Bestselling Author

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Our San Francisco Innovation Conference

Our San Francisco Trends Conference is specially designed to help you and your team approach business innovation from a new perspective. In exploring Trend Hunter’s 6 Patterns of Opportunity and 18 Megatrend framework, you will learn how to capitalize on your strengths, identify your blind spots, and ultimately find better ideas, faster. After learning these tools and strategies for success, you will then have an opportunity to bounce ideas off of other innovators at the immersive Future Festival afterparty.

future festival attendee paramount "It was an incredible week that left me fueled and supported with new tools to encourage my company to embrace innovation on a real level."
– Creative & Business Development
innovation conference attendee "Jeremy and his team have a way of pulling you away from what you know, to see what is possible for your brand." – Vice President

Why visit? We’ll suggest more than a dozen business innovation hotspots for you to explore following the San Francisco Innovation Conference

San Francisco Innovation Conference Venue
Even if you’ve been to San Francisco before, there is no shortage of innovative brands and businesses to explore following the San Francisco Trends Conference. In addition to iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, the city is also home to lesser known attractions where you can witness the latest trends playing out in real time. To see the future of the fitness industry, stop by Pop Physique to try a hybrid exercise class that combines Pilates, weights, and ballet, for a fun -- and challenging -- workout. Follow up your sweat session by dining on gourmet dishes and taking in a film projected onto the back wall of Foreign Cinema. Finally, stop by the Tinker Kitchen, a fully-loaded makerspace kitchen, to craft your very own experimental food creations..

Plus, explore a dozen more unique hotspots in San Francisco with our exclusive Future Festival trend book!

Location and Venue

It is no secret that San Francisco and the Bay Area is an epicenter for business innovation. Not only do many of the world’s biggest companies call the area home, but there is also a plethora of new and innovative companies setting up shop each and every day. As a result, the city is the perfect spot for Trend Hunter’s San Francisco Trends Conference to showcase the future of trends and consumer insights.

Agenda & Topics

Trends & Innovation Conference Agenda
PRE-WORK: Innovation Assessment
7:30 - Breakfast
8:30 - Innovation & Megatrend Framework - Jeremy Gutsche, Innovation Keynote Speaker
9:30 - Generations - The Evolution of Millennials, Boomers, Xs & Zs
10:30 - Networking
11:00 - Play - Future of Leisure, Nightlife and Entertainment
11:30 - Shop - Retail Innovation, Omnichannel & Marketing
12:00 - Networking Lunch
1:00 - Life - Lifestyle Trends, Home & The Future Family
1:30 - Work - The Future Workplace & Gamification
2:00 - Start-ups, Intrapreneurship & Business Model Innovation
2:30 - Tactics - Innovation Tactics, Frameworks & Best Practices
3:00 - Networking
3:30 - Tech - AI, Futurism & Emerging Technologies
4:00 - The Super Future - Futurism with Jeremy Gutsche
4:30 - Application Workshop
5:30 - After-Party With Networking, Apps & An Open Bar
DAY AFTER - 1:1 Meetings
TAKEAWAYS - 2018 Trend Report, Frameworks, Homework & "What I Learned" PPT

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